Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers


Humidity Control

Humidity is a troublemaker when it comes to temperature, turning your home into a damp haven for mold, odors and bacteria. And that can affect the health of your family. Lennox® offers a full line of humidity control systems that keep your home comfortable—and protect your family.

Healthy Climate® Whole-Home Dehumidifiers

Effectively remove excess moisture from the entire home, a single area such as a basement, or a combination of both

Help create a healthier home environment by reducing dust mites and mold that thrive in humid environments

Protect home furnishings and wood from moisture damage

Use environmentally friendly R-410A refrigerant

Easier to use and less intrusive than portable units—no need to empty buckets of water!

No ozone emissions, a known lung irritant*

5-year limited warranty on covered components


Healthy Climate® Whole-Home Power and Bypass Humidifiers

Maintain optimal comfort during heating seasons by minimizing problems associated with dry air

Create a healthier home and lessen skin irritations, sore throats and respiratory problems

Protect home and furnishings by reducing the risk of wood warping and cracking

Provide an easier-to-use and less-intrusive alternative to portable units— no need to constantly fill and clean units

Built-in fan helps circulate humidified air (Power Humidifier only)

Available with Automatic Control to keep humidity precisely where you need it

5-year limited warranty on covered components